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Mainstay was a Christian rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band was formed in 2003 and is signed to BEC Recordings. While a lot of the band's music has decidedly Christian lyrics and messages, their music appeals to a large secular fanbase as well. Their music style has been compared to Copeland, Kutless, Sanctus Real, Lifehouse and The Goo Goo Dolls. Their debut album, Well Meaning Ficti


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Office Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company they treat you like dirt."

caretaker (Former Employee) says

"no support from management at all any thing gose wrong they blame u low wages .the company is a joke.they want you to lie for them and when u dont they force u out do not work for them Cons: none"

caretaker (Former Employee) says

"If you apply to be a caretaker or a cleaner then DON'T!, they are a joke of a company, no communication, repairs don't get done for months on the residential sites, and they treat you like dirt if something goes wrong. Cons: Bad company with poor health and safety"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"The good are well over worked, incompetents are over promoted."

House Keeper (Current Employee) says

"-Mostly calm Cons: Far Distance"

Warehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"I was hired through mainstay for one job that lasted for a while but the company I was hired on to moved to mexico, so they let me go. After that i didn't get any other jobs through mainstay so I decided to go with a different temp service."

Building Manage (Current Employee) says

"i work in two apartment blocks my role as building manager is to lease with the residents who live in the building making sure the building is kept to a very high standard doing minor repairs,reporting and security of the building. Leaseing. with tenants and contractors."

Linsey Yanke says

"Mainstays Greek Key Bed in a Bag Set. I loved it at first! its soft and looks nice and made my room the perfect feeling of warm and cozy... but then... I washed it. The batting on the inside rolled up and stuck together and will not come apart and now the entire blanket is bulky in parts and no batting in others... just complete garbage. I now need a new bed set after JUST buying this one."

Kevin Lee Sr. says

"Zero stars -100 Mainstay is the most Garbage Company I've ever come across in 42 years everything bought their falls apart and is rickety pieces of garbage owners of this company should be ashamed and embarrassed everything from that company is so badly made they should be sued by the consumer protection agency Mainstays heaters are dangerous I had to take two of them back for the same problem any of their furniture made of wood is just junk everything from mainstay is junk dont buy their products its actually verry dangerous and like throwing your hard ernd money away they are hustling the people selling junk personally I'm not looking to buy garbage just to save a buck or two because in the end your left with nothing because the thing you purchesd broke down or fell apart or almost cought fire do not leave you heater unattended and beter hope you smoke alrms work if the heater is on when you sleep if you purchased it from Mainstay or better yet take it back or throw it in the garbage before it has a chance to hurt anyone or causes as ny damage"

Karen L says

"I bought Mainstay bed sheets from Walmart and they are so linty I have to use a lint roller on them every day. I will not buy them again."

Gene says

"I purchased a storage closet from this manufacturer last month and before the month of March rolled in was putting it in the garbage...the product is poorly made and the material is flimsy....don't waste your money or time ordering this....from Amazon or Walmart....price may be right but it is like the say goes you get what you paid for...." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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